Rombouts Conference: calling all graduate China researchers.

In September 2011 Shilin organised the first Rombouts Conference titled Globalisation and Glocalisation. The Rombouts conference is a graduate conference organised and participated by (research) master and PhD students. It was mostly funded by the fund made available by Piet Rombouts which is managed by the Leiden University Fund. It was initially intended to be a yearly conference where beginning China researchers could have an accessible platform to present and discuss their work, but sadly it has not been repeated these last three years.

This year we want to breathe new life into the Rombouts Conference once more. We have faith that it will succeed, since there is quite a large and enthusiastic group of (research) master students. However, like the previous Rombouts conference we would like it to be a joint effort between research master students and PhD students. Therefore, we would like to set up a meeting on Wednesday 4 March, 15.15 at Arsenaal 014 to discuss the details of this project (theme, organising committee etc.). Please attend this meeting if you are interested in participating, whether just as a presenter or in a more involved capacity. Should you be interested in this conference and the meeting on March 4th, please let us know in advance so we can estimate the number of students attending. If you are unable to attend, but are nonetheless interested, please email us and let us know how exactly you want to be involved ( We hope to see you all on March 4th.