Shilin 4.1 is out!

In our forthcoming issue of Shilin: Leiden University Journal of Young Sinology, you will find a number of articles about interesting China-related research done by students at Leiden University and abroad. Levi Voorsmit analyses the admired and romanticised knights-errant, woman warriors, barbarians, and recluses together in order to reveal underlying structures that mark their development throughout history and their influence on the present.

Ann Kunish takes us on a tour between the lines of classical Chinese poetry, demonstrating the benefit of transmitting poems via a group of translations that have a structural relationship to each other. Nadine Otting discusses A-not-A questions, a particular question form in Chinese.

Analysing grave inscriptions of Muslim immigrants in Quanzhou, Aleid Bisterbosch takes us back to the Song dynasty to see to what extent the Muslim immigrants in the Song dynasty were integrated in daily life.

Finally, Melody Mast investigates agenda-setting and framing in the Southern Metropolis Daily and the Beijing Times.

In addition to these five research articles, this issue of Shilin also features a book review of China and Maritime Europe, 1500-1800, a collaborative narrative of the early modern diplomatic, commercial and missionary connections between China and the Europeans that sailed to East Asia.