With the new year comes a new look!

Hi there!

Summer has passed and the academic year 2017-2018 has started. We are thrilled to introduce  the new board members of Shilin.


Lisette Buhrs, chairwoman

‘I am honoured to be the next chairwoman of Shilin. I want to offer my experience and skills in making Shilin more widely known, by presenting Shilin not only within Leiden University but also at other universities and institutions. With regard to the foundation’s philosophy on one hand and creating new perspectives with a fresh team on the other, I believe we can continue Shilin to envolve.’

Jasper Oostveen, editor-in-chief

‘As editor-in-chief, I hope to help Shilin become more interdisciplinary and intercultural. Crossing borders is a rising trend in academia, and our journal should reflect that. Even when you only want to investigate China, some work on other regions is necessary and extremely helpful.’

Rosaline Lantink, secretary

‘As the secretary of Shilin, I aim to connect sinologists in spe with the academic field. For me, it is important to continue the work of Shilin, because I want to give more insight in one of the most booming countries in the world. Both China’s current position in world politics and the global economy, as well as its rich history and culture, make it an interesting field of study. These aspects are all related to each other. Through Shilin, I hope to spread knowledge about all different sides of this intriguing country.’

Lisa Pieters, treasurer

‘Beginning this year, I have the honour to work as editor of our academic journal, as well as treasurer. I hope to encourage other students, both from Leiden University and beyond, to become more involved in academic writing on China. Furthermore, I hope many will enjoy reading the varieties of articles published in the journal, and thereby expand their knowledge on one of the most fascinating countries in the world.’



The third edition of the conference took place at the Academic Building of Leiden University on the 2nd and 3th of September. The theme this year was ‘primary sources’. Both students from Leiden University and universities abroad came together to discuss this topic. Besides lectures and panels, workshops were given by the invitees to give insight on the research they challenge. Please read our full report of the succesful weekend here.

Opening new library

On the 15th of September the Asian Library opened its doors. Máxima, Queen of the Netherlands officially opened the new library after a ceremony in the Pieterskerk. The library not only holds a large collection of research material, books and pictures, but also offers a working space for students and international researchers of Asian languages and cultures.

Special thanks

Finally, we would like to give a special thanks to the former board members Jorrit Weeda, Gina van Ling, Lysan Kuipers and Maarten Bogaards, whose hard work and dedication we appreciate and hope to continue.