Shilin vol.4 nr.2 – September 2013

p. 6-14
Actions and Objectives in Environmental Education in Chinese Formal Education and its Relation to 21st Century Chinese Governing Discursive Practices
Valeria Pacchiarotti
Full thesis: The implementation of environmental education in Chinese primary and middle schools and its relation with Suzhi education discourse of shaping the “self-responsible” (Library: Sinol. 67 A 5)

p. 15-26
China: the Leader of the Gold Farming Industry
Petra Ebeling
Full thesis: Goldfarming in China: Beschouwt de Chinese overheid goldfarming als een ethisch aanvaardbare nieuwe werksector? (Library: SINOL. 67 A 30)

p. 27-34
Chinese groepsreizen naar Europa: de zoektocht naar goede smaak
Philip James Bertrams
Full thesis: Chinese groepsreizen naar Europa: Een inspirerende reis naar de moderniteit? (Library: SINOL. 67 A 45)

p. 28-44
Kaifeng joodse identiteit: een mythe?
Lihi Inbal Stam

p. 45-49
Book Review – Overseas Chinese, Ethnic Minorities and Nationalism: De-centering China
Cômeng Tang

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Shilin vol.4 nr.1 – April 2013

p. 6-15
Knights-errant, Woman Warriors, Barbarians and Recluses: The Power of Imagination in China
Levi Voorsmit
Full thesis: The power of symbols: A preliminary study on the workings of exotic concepts such as the jianghu, the xia and the recluse in the imagination (Library: SINOL. 66 A 61)

p. 16-27
Can Classical Chinese Poetry be Translated?
Ann Kunish

p. 28-41
A-not-A Questions in Chinese
Nadine Otting
Full Thesis: Yes/no questions across the Chinese dialects: their surface form and underlying structure (Library: SINOL. 67 A 16)

p. 42-50
Integration of Muslim Immigrants in Quanzhou duing the Song Dynasty: a Research on Grave Inscriptions
Aleid Bisterbosch
Full Thesis: De integratie van moslim-immigranten in Quanzhou tijdens de Song-dynastie: een onderzoek naar grafinscripties (Library: SINOL. 67 A 19)

p. 51-62
The 2011 Wenzhou Train Collision: Agenda-Setting and Framing in the Southern Metropolis Daily and the Beijing Times
Melody Mast
Full Thesis: 2011 Wenzhou Train Collision: Agenda-Setting and Framing in the “Southern Metropolis Daily” and the “Beijing Times” (Library: SINOL. 67 A 10)

p. 63-69
Book Review – China and Maritime Europe, 1500-1800: Trade, Settlement, Diplomacy, and Missions
Sander Molenaar

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