Shilin vol.9 nr.1 – November 2018

p. 6-17
Niet langer bang voor het daglicht: de literatuur en fysieke ruimte van de Taiwanese homorechtenbeweging in de jaren 90
Sophia Engelhard

p. 18-26
“Elevating the Worthy”: A Mohist Theory of Meritocracy
Alec Schellinx

p. 27-37
Chinese Local Elites and Institutional Changes: The Local Self-Government Movement in Jiaxing, 1905-1914
Chen Wenxi

p. 38-45
Practice Makes Perfect: The Experience of Daoism in Dutch Taijiquan, Qigong, and Healing Tao
Lisanne van Haften

p. 46-53
Book Review — Civil-Military Relations in Chinese History: From Ancient China to the Communist Takeover
Barend Noordam, PhD

Appealing to Tradition: How Xi Jinping Represents Traditional Culture and Why
Huijie Cher (Chloe)

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Shilin vol.9 nr.2 – July 2019

p. 6-18
2020 or 1984? Mass Surveillance and Suzhi in the Chinese Social Credit System
Vincent Brussee

p. 19-31
A Chinese Call from the East Indies: The Role of the Dutch East Indies’ Indo-Chinese Community in the Belated Abolition of Dutch Extraterritorial Rights in Republican China
Jurriaan Hoenderdos

p. 32-41
De balans tussen yin en yang als medicijn: een vergelijking tussen de Huangdi Neijing, de Laozi en de Zhuangzi
Aimée de Wit

p. 42-54
The Liberalisation of Foreign Ownership in Chinese Financial Institutions: Speculating on the Motivations behind the Opening
Karel Mahy-Rousseau

p. 55-65
A new generation of Chinese diplomats: The development of Chinese diplomacy during the early 20th century
Koen van der Lijn

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