History & Language



Hōo, wat geeft dat? Een beschrijving van Hōo ‘geven’ in het Taiwanees

Joren Pronk  | 2015 | vol 6.1



The Structure of Noun Modification in Taiwanese Southern Min

Marijn de Wolff  | 2012 | vol 3.2



A-not-A Questions in Chinese

Nadine Otting  | 2013 | vol 4.1




Integration of Muslim Immigrants in Quanzhou During the Song Dynasty: A Research on Grave Inscriptions 

Aleid Bisterbosch  | 2013 | vol 4.1



Paintings and Literary Gatherings in Yuan Dynasty China : A Quantitative Approach

Levi Voorsmit  | 2014 | vol 5.2



Tussen Kehilla en Confucius: matri- en patrilineariteit in de Chinees-Joodse gemeenschap van Kaifengs

Emily Koenders  | 2018 | vol 8.2




Perspective and Modernity in Late 19th and Early 20th Century Chinese Lithographs

Gea Ardesch  | 2012 | vol 3.2




Did Lu Xun Discover His Vision for Modern Woodcut in Japan? An Investigative Comparison Between the Lu Xun-led Modern Woodcut Movement in the 1930’s and the Sosaku Hanga Movement of Early 20th-Century Japan

Thom van Dam | 2015 | vol 6.2



A Brief Introduction to the Life of Liu Yuan-Tao

Simeon Vonk | 2020 | vol 10.1




Offending an Emperor: Shaping the Narrative of Desi Sangye Gyatso’s Deceit in Daiqing Imperial History

Juul W.J. Eijk | 2020 | vol 10.1



Let’s Roll: Rhotacisms in Beijing Mandarin

Neline Floor | 2012 | vol 3.1




Friendships and the Places Where they were Forged

Levi Voorsmit | 2020 | vol 10.1



Chinese Local Elites and Institutional Changes: The Local Self-Government Movement in Jiaxing, 1905-1914

Chen Wenxi | 2018 | 9.1  


Rou Putuan and the Intricacies of Baoying: An Analysis of Karmic Retribution Within Li Yu’s Erotic Novel and His Relationship with Convention

Stijn Wijker | 2016 | vol 7.1  


A Chinese Call from the East Indies: The Role of the Dutch East Indies’ Indo-Chinese Community in the Belated Abolition of Dutch Extraterritorial Rights in Republican China

Jurriaan Hoenderdos | 2019 | vol 9.2