Becoming an editor

Thank you for your interest in Shilin. Underneath you will find our recruitment guidelines.


Who is eligible?

We invite everybody who is interested in joining our editorial team to apply for our recruitment process. Applications are open all year round; response time will be slower during the holidays.

Contrary to previous practices, a recommendation from one of the teachers does no longer lead to direct admission. Similarly, being approached by one of the board members also does not guarantee admission.


Recruitment process

Interested students are invited to send a short motivation (100-300 words) in addition to two recently written essays, including the received feedback and grades, to For both essays, the  awarded grade must be higher than an 8.0.

The editorial team will strive to process your application within 3 weeks (holidays not included).  


Responsibilities of the board

Editors are recruited through several channels: it is the responsibility of the board to properly carry out the following tasks, so that it is safe to assume that a considerable number of students in the Chinese Studies program are aware of the opportunity.

  Every year, the board will get in touch with lecturers to ask for recommendations for new editors.

  At the same time, the board will post openings on social media, the Shilin website, and all relevant other channels (student association newsletter, Brightspace, etc.).  

  In addition, board members shall actively approach any student that they deem suitable to be an editor at Shilin.

The board strives to maintain an accurate representation of the Chinese Studies program. Given that there is no cap on the number of editors, we believe it is not necessary to work with set quotas.