Lecture on Ming China

China Seminar in a new joint venture with the Shilin Foundation present a lecture on Ming (1368-1644) China:

‘Ming Martial Arts: Characteristic Features and Problems of Research’
PD Dr. Kai Filipiak (University of Leipzig)

The paper deals with characteristic features of martial arts during the Ming dynasty. Starting from the question of what martial arts is or seems to be, the paper provides an introduction into types of sources, discusses important trends of martial arts development during the Ming dynasty and explains the social origins of martial arts practice. It will be shown that the development is characterized by aspects of differentiation, specialization, and regionalization of martial arts.

Using the example of the military, it can be demonstrated that the practice of martial arts was closely related to its purpose that defined the performance.

Finally, the paper presents different social groups practicing martial arts for different reasons. The last section will fix some problems in Ming martial arts research today.

The lecture will be held Wednesday 24 April at the Arsenaal building, in the Green Room (inside the East Asian Library), from 15:00 to 17:00. Afterwards we will go for a drink at the English Pub “North End”. Admission is free and open to everyone!