Latest Uploads 

Chinese Local Elites and Institutional Changes: The Local Self-Government Movement in Jiaxing, 1905-1914

Chen Wenxi | 2018 | 9.1 


2020 or 1984? Mass Surveillance and Suzhi in the Chinese Social Credit System

Vincent Brussee | 2019 | vol 9.2


Rou Putuan and the Intricacies of Baoying: An Analysis of Karmic Retribution Within Li Yu’s Erotic Novel and His Relationship with Convention

Stijn Wijker | 2016 | vol 7.1 

A Chinese Call from the East Indies: The Role of the Dutch East Indies’ Indo-Chinese Community in the Belated Abolition of Dutch Extraterritorial Rights in Republican China

Jurriaan Hoenderdos | 2019 | vol 9.2

The Liberalisation of Foreign Ownership in Chinese Financial Institutions: Speculation on the Motivations Behind the Opening

Karel Mahy-Rousseau | 2019 | vol 9.2

Taiwanese Idol Drama: The Influence of Identification on Product Placement Effectiveness

Sarah Grasdijk | 2016 | vol 7.1