The year 2021 marks the new edition of the biennial Rombouts-Shilin Conference! We are delighted to announce you the theme of this conference being: “China and the Chinese Identity in a Globalizing World”. The theme can be interpreted very broadly. For this reason, we have divided the topic into sub-themes. On both days there will be panels and presentations linked to different sub-themes. The sub-themes of this conference are as follows: Chinese abroad in the broadest definition of the term, identity through expressions of culture, inequalities within China, identity throughout history and racism. With these sub-themes we hope to provide a platform for a wide range of speakers, researchers and students to illuminate the many aspects of “Chinese identity”.


The conference consists of keynote speeches, lectures, panels with MA and PhD students, workshops, and seminars during the whole weekend. Each day after the closing speech, complimentary drinks will be held followed by a dinner.


Are you a BA, MA or PhD student or are you just interested in China? Come to the Rombouts-Shilin Conference! Curated by a team of BA and MA students, this conference offers you a venue to hear about developments in your field of study from various specialists as well as to discover fellow students’ work.


Free venue, registration required.


Please find more information through the dedicated website.