Third issue Shilin

We are happy to announce that the third issue of Shilin will be out next week. For our subscribers in the Leiden area there will be a small stand in the Arsenaal building of Leiden University coming Tuesday the 6th from five o’clock onwards. Be sure to get your hands on this issue as it contains a series of fascinating new articles and sports a brand new bound cover. In this third issue, Ruben de Bie discusses the CCP’s usage of ‘communities’ to counter rising individualisation. Moving 3000 years back in time, Willemijn van Noord debates the monetary function of Shang Cowrie shells. Back to present day International Relations, Petra Meijer reviews the efficacy of the ASEAN Regional Forum, closely followed by Laura Vermeeren who instead analyses the theme of immortality in Guo Pu’s poetry. Lastly, Brechtje Spreeuwers discusses the nature of the post-1997 changes in the hukou system, while Tjalling R. Valdés Olmos seeks to emancipate International Relations theory by including non-western alternatives.

In all, a vibrant new edition. If you are not yet a subscriber, please contact us at and we’ll get you a hardcopy in no-time!