Shilin vol.1 no.1 – September 2010

This issue has been made available online for free as a PDF file.

p. 9-20
Spatial and Social Segregation in Chinese Cities: The “Urban Village” Phenomenon
Svetlana Kharchenkova

p. 21-30
Qin and Macedon: The Road to Hegemony in Antique Systems of States
Barend Noordam

p. 31-40
Het Kantonese Eindpartikel Ze / Zek: Het Unieke Karakter van Zek
Wing Chee Chau
Full thesis: Het Kantonese eindpartikel Ze / Zek : Het unieke karakter van Zek (Library: SINOL. 64 A 11)

p. 41-48
The Global City and Its Local Ties: Cross-border Mobility between Hong Kong and Mainland China
Sandra Schutten

p. 49-57
“Stick Out Your Tongue”: A Banned Book on the Health of a Nation
Manya Koetse