Shilin vol.2 no.2 – September 2011

p. 6-13
社区建设 Shequ Jianshe: Reading the Government’s Response to an Individualising Society
Ruben de Bie
Full thesis: Personalisering van de leefruimte in China (Library: SINOL. 64 F 47)

p. 14-21
Cowries: Shang Shell Money?
Willemijn van Noord
Full thesis: Cowries: Shang shell money?: An evaluation of the evidence for the monetary function of cowry shells in the early Bronze Age (Library: SINOL. 64 F 53)

p. 22-30
ASEAN Regional Forum: Talk Shop or Norm Brewery?
Petra Meijer

p. 31-42
To Live Forever: An Analysis of the Wandering Immortal Poetry of Guo Pu
Laura Vermeeren

p. 43-54
Hervormingen na 1997 in het hukou stelsel van China: fundamentele veranderingen of loze beloftes?
Brechtje Spreeuwers
Full thesis: Hervormingen na 1997 in het ‘hukou’ stelsel van China: Fundamentele veranderingen of loze beloftes? (Library: SINOL. 64 F 50)

p. 55-64
Hybrid Theory: Rethinking Perceptions of China and its International Relations Through Postcolonial Learning
Tjalling R. Valdes Olmos

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Shilin vol.2 no.1 – March 2011

p. 6-13
Qiu Jin in the Mirror Stage: An Extract from Qui (Gui) Jin and Jingwei Shi
Chenyu Cheng
Full thesis: Qiu (Gui) Jin and “Jingwei Shi”: A psychoanalytical reading of Qiu Jin’s tanci narrative (Library: SINOL. 64 F 29)

p. 14-23
Oraal Schrift of Schriftelijke Oraliteit: Het gedicht Laojun bianhua wuji jing 老君變化無極經 en zijn verhouding tot de orale poëzie
Suzanne Burdorf

p. 24-32
Human Flesh Search Engine
Tom van der Meer
Full thesis: Human flesh search engine (Library: SINOL. 64 A 30)

p. 33-43
Xizhou Uighurs in “The Travel Account of Wang Yande”
Lai Mei Tang
Full thesis: Xizhou uighurs in Gaochang and Beiting: An annotated translation of (Library: SINOL. 64 F 36)

p. 44-56
Persoonlijke verhalen over de Culturele Revolutie: Overeenkomsten en verschillen in levensgeschiedenissen
Eveline Kamstra
Full thesis: Onofficiële verhalen over de Culturele Revolutie : Een onderzoek naar overeenkomsten en verschillen in levensgeschiedenissen van betrokkenen (Library: SINOL. 64 F 12)

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