2016: Shilin Volume 7

Shilin vol.7 nr.2 – September 2016

p. 6-16
The Old and New Hong Kong Spirit in the Music of the Umbrella Revolution
Milan Ismangil

p. 17-29
Make Terrorists Like Rats Scurrying Across the Streets: Discursive Securitisation of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Xinhua News
Solveig Helene Ruud

p. 30-43
De Argumenten van Mencius: Een Analyse van Soorten Argumenten in de Mencius
Sander Huls

p. 44-50
The ‘New Iron Triangle’: China’s Attack on Criminal Defence Lawyers on the Case of Li Zhuang
Judith Niemann

p. 51-59
Ex Oriente Lux
Hein Koster

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Shilin vol.7 nr.1 – March 2016

p. 6-16
Inherently Recognisable: A Jungian View on Chinese Film
Hugo J.T. Kolstee

p. 17-25
Suicide in Honglou meng: A Reflection of Literary and Social Developments
Joep Smorenburg

p. 26-35
Taiwanese Idol Drama: The Influence of Identification on Product Placement Effectiveness
Sarah Grasdijk

p. 36-45
Rou putuan and the Intricacies of baoying: An Analysis of Karmic Retribution within Li Yu’s Erotic Novel and His Relationship with Convention
Stijn Wijker

p. 46-55
A Comparison between Chinese and Dutch Television Commercials: The Relation between Culture and Advertisement
Minke Lok

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