Shilin vol.8 nr.2 – April 2018

p. 6-15
Van Steppevolk tot Keizerrijk: De Mongoolse Verovering van China
Erik de Jong

p. 16-25
Continuities in Views on and Aims of Education in Late Qing (1860-1911) and Early Republican China
Mara Cameron

p. 26-36
Chinese Campus Literature: Making a Start Defining and Analysing the Genre
Tirza Otte

p. 37-48
Tussen Kehilla en Confucius: Matri- en Patrilineariteit in de Chinees-Joodse gemeenschap van Kaifeng
Emily Koenders

p. 49-60
Appealing to Tradition: How Xi Jinping Represents Traditional Culture and Why
Huijie Cher (Chloe)

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Shilin vol.8 nr.1 – August 2017

p. 6-13
The Phenomenon of Skin Lightening in Chinese Culture: Perceptions of White Skin in Taiwan
Lenneke Stegeman

p. 14-25
Inner Child or Forgotten Root: A Comparison of Laozi’s Infant Metaphor and Jung’s Child Archetype
Suong Thai

p. 26-37
Het consumptiegedrag van Chinese toeristen in outletstores
Valery Tjhia

p. 38-47
Giving Shape to Sound: Dai Tong’s Conception of Writing
Rickard Gustavsson

p. 48-59
Gender Representations on the Chinese Internet: A Search Engine Analysis
Pieter Velghe

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