Shilin vol.10 nr.1 – September 2020

p. 8-16
Offending an Emperor: Shaping the Narrative of Desi Sangye Gyatso’s Deceit in Daiqing Imperial History
Juul W. Eijk

p. 17-24
Merchants, Khans, and the Indian Ocean: Towards a Mongol Maritime History
Guanmian Xu

p. 25-31
A Brief Introduction to the Life of Liu Yuan-tao
Simeon Vonk

p. 32-40
How to Teach Chinese Characters? Theory and Practice in
Dutch High Schools

Mara Cameron

p. 46-54
Oog om oog, hand om hand: Een blik op de fenomenen van grafische diversificatie en grafische unificatie in de ontwikkelingsgeschiedenis van Chinese karakters
David Barth

p. 55-65
Friendships and the places where they were forged: a case from
mid-14th century Suzhou
Levi Voorsmit

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Shilin vol.10 nr.2 – November 2021

p. 6-20
Possessive pronouns in Kèjiā Chinese
Matthijs Verzijden

p. 21-31
South Seas Republic: Ng Kim Chew and the Future of Mahua Literature
Jonah Katz

p. 32-45
Old values, new roads: A study into China’s official discourse on the Belt and Road Initiative
Rosaline Lantink

p. 46-57
Between two societies: ethnic identity among Chinese adoptees living in the Netherlands
Yaora van Wijland

p. 58-62
Boekrecensie – China’s New Normal
Axel Dessein

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